box keeps shutting off

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  1. Gervin Coulon

    Gervin Coulon New Member

    every 2 minutes or so my box shuts off and i get the no signal notification on my television screen. this happens no matter what i am on whether it be the home screen or trying to watch a movie. i havent been using it to much but i have watched a few movies on it since i have had it and all of a sudden this shift that i am off i finally had time to try and watch a movie and this is happening an help would be appreciated
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    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    So judging by your post this is an older box still running XBMC.
    Is this an X2 or X4
  3. jeff rhodes

    jeff rhodes Member

    try unpluging it wait maybe 5 to 10 min then plug in again

    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    I need way more info to begin any help

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