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Discussion in 'SkyStream X4 Streaming Media Player' started by Mary, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Mary

    Mary New Member

    I have the skystream 4. Last week it started to blink off and on, just showing the skystream logo. I have unplugged it, unplugged my modem, turned my tv off and on, but nothing helps. I even pushed buttons on my remote. Any idea? It did stop for a few days, but now it's doing it again.

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  3. Mary

    Mary New Member

    Thank you so much for your help! I did try your suggestion, and I found the little click inside, before I plugged the power cord back in, but now it seems there is no signal. I know it's not the hdmi cord, I have a roku and I have tried both hdmi cords on both boxes, the roku is fine. Also while the blue triangle comes on, there was a little red light in the optical plug in the back and now that is not lit. Could it be my power cord, I read another post and made me think that might be my problem. Do you think radio shack would have a power cord that would work? I have other power cords, but the volt numbers are different. Or do you think it is my box? I think I have had it 2 years, bought it just before the new came out (just my luck!). Thank you, any other suggestions would be great!
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    Contact Skystream Customer Service

    It IS your power cord

    I had the same issue, they sent me a new cord

    Perfect, fired right up, issue was gone

    Reference all the steps you have taken

    Tell them all you told me

    Call them between 9 -5 M-F or
    Email them
    Include your original order # if you still have it ♡

    Its not your box

    99 percent sure its the power cord
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    Or click on support at the top of this forum, scroll all the way down to shop products, replacement parts, replacement power supply $5.99, make sure you click on the item that does not say its for the "ONE" ♡♡♡
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    I just read that its two years old, probably out of warranty, but they sell replacement power supplies for cheap ♡♡♡◇◇
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    Mary are you on facebook

    There is a wonderful help group called
    "my skystreamx"

    You should request to join and say hi
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  8. Mary

    Mary New Member

    UPDATE!! It was the power cord! I went to radio shack, they wanted 45.00 for a cord! I came home and ordered one from skystream.Com for 5.00! It came today, I plugged it in and BOOM! My skystream came right on. Thank you sooooooo much
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    Its what we do
    I am a customer just like you
    I love the product
    Which makes me excited about helping others
    Glad you are up and running again Mary
  10. andorraski

    andorraski Member

    Another happy customer:):)
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