Defunct Addons ? (Seeking confirmation.)

Discussion in 'Misc Video Apps for SkyStream Streaming Players' started by Byzantium, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Byzantium

    Byzantium New Member

    And not limited to your experiences on Skystream boxes, necessarily.

    For example, I've never gotten Concert Archive to do anything, on any streaming box. Doubt that's a coincidence.

    Ditto for MetaCafe addon. (The site itself works fine, when reached by computer.) So maybe it's just defunct for Android . . . .

    Security Shield (from NoobsAndNerds) is pretty good for a number of things, including reporting on dead or troublesome Repos. Having a list of confirmed-defunct Addons would be useful.

    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    That list would change too frequently

    Ill have to check out security sheild

    The Skystream Updater app is what I use to keep my box up to date

    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    There are manyAddons and Repos tgat exist within the 3rd party afdon community that I have never seen work


    The Collective


    So many more

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