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Discussion in 'Migrating Forum Users to our Facebook Help Group' started by SVENSWORLD, Feb 23, 2017.


    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    Spam filters tweaked
    Membership private
    Must be added by an administrator manually
    I will continue here as admin/mod for now
    Do join the facebook group
    Continue to visit the forum
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  2. Byzantium

    Byzantium New Member

    Good. I'm not on FB, and no plans to be. (Betting there are many others so inclined . . . .)
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    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    So far
    As long as Skystream hosts this forum, I will continue to help
    Closing the forum to open membership was the best thing we ever did

    No more spam

    We can add new members via email address manually should Skystreamers who are not members currently wish to join
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  4. Byzantium

    Byzantium New Member

    A reasonable approach, and pretty standard these days.

    (I think you'd be very hard pressed to find any completely Open Access | Open Posting forums around anymore. Vetted membership is the only way to keep people with the wrong intentions from ruining the experience for everyone.)
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