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    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    Recently got this service, I may not be configuring it the best way cause it kills my speed, I lose like 50 MBPS
  2. andorraski

    andorraski Member

    You should be so lucky -------- losing 50 mbps
    Here in Spain my top top speed is just 3.5 mbps
    BUT my Skystream box x4 works just fine.
    so an ip vanish or any other product that slows down my connection is a definate no-no
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    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    Im sorry I got it, I keep it turned off
    I do not download
    I do not use torrents or share files

    Why did I think I needed To Vanish, lol
    I just stream :)
  4. Byzantium

    Byzantium New Member

    There are many VPNs on the market these days. According to the reviews on PC Mag and a number of other places, the features and performance varies a lot between them. I would not jump to any conclusions before trying out some of them. More than a couple, probably.

    The streaming party line is that it's all legal, so don't worry. But folks have been busted in the U.K. for doing this, and I would make no assumptions about what will happen here. Having a VPN seems like a good idea to me.
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    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    I have IPVanish
    I use it for certain things
    But not for streaming on general like movies or TV
    I dont use Shownox, Movie HD, Video Mix, MegaboxHD android apps
    I disable Plexus, AceStreams and anything P2P in KODI
    I do not use torrents or file sharing in anyway I am aware of

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