Just starting out and have an air mouse question

Discussion in 'Skystream ONE Streaming Media Player' started by tony13, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. tony13

    tony13 New Member

    Is there a way to calibrate the air mouse? I notice that the arrow location can vary from where I seem to be pointing the mouse.

    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    I dont know which model skystream you have?

    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    Does this help?

    Taken From a post in "My SkystreamX" facebook group several days ago

    "Yesterday my Skystream X5 air mouse developed a strange problem. No matter where i pointed the mouse, or even if i was moving it the cursor would move all over the screen by itself. After a day of reading and playing i found what worked for me as a fix. Below your navigation circle (ok, left, right, up, down) is a left click mouse button. I turned on my remote, turned on the mouse, pressed the return key (curved arrow on the left) and the left click button at the same time and held them for 5 seconds. My cursor floated around a bit, then when i let the buttons go, voila it was working properly again."

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