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    I'm new to Skystream but am loving all the movies for me and my wife and kids shows for my family. Now I want to see just how far this box will take me to being able to cut the cord with cable/satellite. Can anyone tell me if they are able to watch NFL football games that are not in your area? For instance I live in Delaware but am a Tampa Bay Bucs fan--will I be able to watch their games? Real time? Whether they are on regular network or ESPN night games?

    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    The Short Answer is yes
    I would use Sports Devil to start
    You can folliw the Elite Mods Team facebook page, they usually post n days of Football where they are finding the best streams
    Basically you need to search through the sections in the sportsdevil addon , or any other suggested addon(Vid Time Phoenix have sports sections, Pro Sports, idont really watch sports stuff)find the game you are looking for and click on it close to start time
    Ifone stream bufferstoo much or keeps kicking you out, look for another link.
    Live American sports is hit or miss, it can be great, and it can be less than great, let me know how you make out, maybe Icanhelp more

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