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Discussion in 'XBMC for SkyStream Troubleshooting & Tips' started by Walt, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Walt

    Walt Member

    Lately, whenever I pause a movie or tv show in any addon and then hit play to resume, I hear sound but the picture is frozen. Therefore, I have to pick a spot immediately before or after the original pause location to resume - then everything works fine. Any suggestions?
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  2. SkystreamX

    SkystreamX Administrator Staff Member

    This does happen from time to time. It seems to be mainly in the genesis addon. When this happens use your cursor and click on a spot close to where you were on the status bar. The video will start playing perfectly.
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    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    If thus is the least of our worries with free streaming, I think we will live, I too experience this and correct it as per the companys post here
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  4. maddiesdad

    maddiesdad Member

    I have also found a short "Rewind" (5-10) seconds and then 'Play" will get you synced.
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  5. Steve Starr

    Steve Starr Member

    can I return my X4? Cause it does this OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER...

    and I tried what you suggested and it just locks up again shortly after cause it wants to go back and pull something up from the buffer... and when it buffers is when it screws up...

    NOT happy with this device! have been complaining on these boards about it screwing up almost since I bought it... it is refurbished IIRC? maybe it was always broken and was never really fixed...

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