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    Just got my SkyStream x5 this week and it's awesome. I cut the cord a few years ago and this is the best step toward a natural multimedia experience we've had.

    I'm writing this post for anyone that needs to know how to schedule a recording from the DTV app.[​IMG]

    Then open the EPG, from inside the DTV Viewer app, this can be done by clicking the menu button (not the button with menu written on it, the button with three dashed lines at the bottom left of the remote).

    Scroll around till you find the channel and program you want to record, then hover over it with the air mouse and click the ok button. Remember EPG is part of the ATSC OTA Tv, we are at the mercy of the channel provider to keep this accurate and I find they do not make adjustments for delays. This is a basic service you can select the channel and time, thank fully they list some details to help you make your selection. The repeat options are once or daily, it's not ideal, no seasons, or filter so you'll spend time cleaning your DVR if you schedule a bunch of things.[​IMG]
    Once you've selected repeat and mode, click Yes.
    Congratulations you've scheduled your first recording on your SkyStream PVD/DVR with DTV Viewer.

    Now to view and edit your scheduled events. The colored dots are buttons, the words are not so you have to get it just right, once you've done it a few times it makes sense. It'd be great if the remote had matching colored buttons, something to thing about for the next generation.

    Hover the air mouse over the red dot and click the ok button to get the schedule list.

    Select the program you want to edit click the OK button.
    Here you can choose to delete or edit the event.
    Select edit, then click yes.

    This allows you to change the repeat and mode, perhaps a future update will allow us to change the other fields as well.[​IMG]

    Click Yes and your done.
    Now you will never miss your favorite shows.

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    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    Huge Thanks For Posting This
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    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    Is there a question ?
  5. Bill Fluster

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    Thanks, I recorded a show last night that way and it worked great. But have questions:
    • my version of DTV is 2.14, not sure if its the most recent, I got my X5 in June 2016.
    • I normally record SNL on Saturday's and the guide doesn't seem to coincide so I go in to watch the channel, click record, change to 90 or 120 minutes just prior to the show start. I end up getting 3-4 playback files, all of various lengths. Do you know if this is normal?
    Thanks, I'm technology immigrant.
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    SVENSWORLD Administrator

    I will see if I can find out
    I dont use my DTV app on my X5 since I have no antenna connected

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